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Questions For The Story Chapter 4.[print questions]

How many years did the LORD's people stay in Egypt?
a) 20 years
b) 40 years
c) 277 years
d) 430 years

What were the Israelites told to do to avoid the punishment of the death of their oldest son?
a) make a '' x'' outside their home with sticks
b) put a bucket of water outside their door
c) smear lamb's blood over their doors
d) sing throughout the night

What was the last plague that God sent?
a) Plague of frogs
b) Plague of gnats
c) Plague of boils
d) Plague of killing the oldest son of each family

What did Aaron use to turn the Nile River into blood?
a) a dead sheep
b) a cross
c) a staff
d) a basket of fish

What was the result of Moses and Aaron's meeting with Pharaoh the first time?
a) Pharaoh let the Israelites go
b) Pharaoh threw Aaron and Moses in jail
c) Pharaoh made Aaron and Moses his advisers
d) Pharaoh punished the Hebrews and made them work harder

After Moses left Egypt and traveled to Midian, what was his job?
a) carpenter
b) rabbi
c) shepherd
d) tax collector

God commanded Moses to
a) bring the Egyptians out of Jerusalem
b) bring slaves into Egypt
c) bring the Israelites out of Egypt
d) bring the Samaritans out of the Red Sea

How did the Israelites get across the Red Sea?
a) Moses created fishing boats and they rowed across.
b) The Israelites walked on water.
c) God parted the Red Sea and they walked across.
d) Moses commanded the people to swim across.

Why did Moses have to flee Egypt?
a) There was a famine
b) God told him to
c) He had killed an Egyptian and hidden him in the sand.
d) He had lied to the Pharaoh

When Moses protested that he was not good with words, what did God do?
a) Told him to have his brother Aaron do the talking
b) Gave up on Moses and had someone else return to Egypt
c) Had Moses write out his speeches
d) Told Moses to stop complaining and do what he was told

How did God first appear to Moses?
a) As a dove
b) As a burning bush
c) As an angel
d) As a strong wind

Who raised Moses until he was old enough to live in Pharaoh's house?
a) Moses's sister
b) Moses's mother
c) Pharaoh's daughter
d) Moses's father

How did Moses's mother save him?
a) She sent him to live in Canaan
b) She kept him hidden in her house
c) She pleaded with Pharaoh
d) She hid him in a basket and placed the basket in the Nile.

When the new king (Pharaoh) came to power in Egypt, who didn't he know anything about?
a) Abraham
b) Noah
c) Joseph
d) Adam

What order did Pharaoh give because he feared the Israelites?
a) To throw every baby boy in the Nile.
b) To kill all the Israelites
c) To kick the Israelites out of Egypt
d) To imprison all of the Israelite men

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