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Which group of people was forced into internment camps?
a) German, Italian, and Japanese prisoners of war
b) Draft dodgers
c) American citizens of Japanese ancestry
d) Nazi spies

Female We Can Do It! posters were used during WWII to?
a) To get women ready to serve as soldiers in the war effort
b) To show women how to develop muscles for fighting
c) To show women as able to ration goods
d) To recruit women to take jobs in the defense factories

Which of the following does not describe many Japanese Americans during World War II?
a) Liberated by Allied forces
b) Served in the armed forces
c) Treated with distrust and prejudice
d) Forced into internment camps

How did the losses of life and injuries sustained during the World Wars not affect life back at home?
a) Many were able to find new employment after they served in combat.
b) Many women had no choice but to develop a different way of life by working outside the home to provide for their families
c) Many men and women who survived returned home with disabilities that kept them from being able to work again.
d) Millions died leaving spouses and children with unbearable emotional loss and significant economic hardship.

How did economic roles for women not change during World War II?
a) Women entered the military and government.
b) Women increasingly went to work outside the home.
c) Women worked in new jobs that were previously considered unavailable to women.
d) Women gave their jobs to the new refugees.

Which of the following does not describe many Japanese Americans during World War II?
a) Treated with distrust and prejudice
b) Gathered into concentration camps
c) Forced into internment camps
d) Served in the armed forces

What finally ended the depression and put many unemployed Americans back to work?
a) The Fair Deal
b) Capitalism
c) The New Deal
d) World War II

What did the United States government encourage women to do when the United States entered World War II?
a) Take industrial jobs
b) Wait for their husbands at home
c) Increase their consumer spending
d) Spy on their German neighbors

What was the goal of government-sponsored ads about rationing?
a) To encourage American soldiers to give Allies additional supplies
b) To encourage Americans to give their weapons to soldiers
c) To encourage Americans to support foreign troops
d) To encourage Americans to reduce their use of consumer goods

What was a negative result of World War II?
a) Women became respected as workers in all kinds of factory jobs
b) Internment of Japanese Americans
c) African American workers were more respected because they were needed in defense plants
d) End of the the Great Depression

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