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The period in time before writing was invented is called
a) prewriting
b) the Neolithic Revolution
c) anthropology
d) prehistory

The Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic Period, refers to the years
a) 10,000 B.C. to the present
b) before people walked the earth
c) 2 million B.C. to 10,000 B.C.
d) 1 A.D. to the present

___________ are people who move from place to place in search of food.
a) nomads
b) scribes
c) hominids
d) animists

When people believe in more than one god, they are...
a) polytheistic
b) animistic
c) atheistic
d) monotheistic

The earliest civilizations wrote in _________, or simple drawings that look look like the words they represent
a) pictowords
b) cave language
c) pictographs
d) artifacts

____________ refers to the skills and tools people use to meet their basic needs.
a) technology
b) civilization
c) archaeology
d) culture

A ___________ is a complex, highly organized society.
a) city-state
b) empire
c) steppe
d) civilization

Two of the world's earliest Neolithic villages were
a) Catalhuyuk and Jericho
b) Uruk and Lascaux
c) Egypt and Babylonia
d) Sumer and Ur

__________ were professional record keepers in ancient societies.
a) scribes
b) anthropologists
c) historians
d) artisans

In 1974,_________ discovered Lucy, a 3 million yr. old hominid, in Ethiopia.
a) Louis Leakey
b) Ron Johnson
c) Donald Johanson
d) Mary Leakey

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