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Which groups of people were often blamed for the problems of the cities like poverty, crime, overcrowding, and violence?
a) Trolley dodgers
b) Immigrants
c) Muckrakers
d) Union members

Why did most immigrants settle in the nation’s cities?
a) They feared the native-born Americans.
b) They wanted to be near markets.
c) They could learn English in the city.
d) They lacked money for purchasing land or a home.

Job opportunities caused movement in America. People moved from —
a) the rural countryside to the city
b) cities to the country
c) the United States to Canada
d) the United States to Mexico

Which reason was NOT a challenge faced by immigrants in the cities?
a) Political corruption led by political machines using the votes of immigrants
b) Housing shortage with many people crowded into cheaply built tenement buildings
c) Many factory jobs available
d) Dishonest employers often taking advantage of immigrant workforce

During the Gold Rush, many immigrants came to California from which country?
a) Burma
b) India
c) Russia
d) China

How are the settlement houses of the late 1800s and neighborhood centers of today alike?
a) They provide immigrants various services.
b) They are always found in large cities.
c) They are run by social workers who live there.
d) They provide immigrants a place to live.

What was the result of the increasing number of factories and the need for workers in the cities?
a) Industrialization
b) Inspection
c) Exclusion
d) Urbanization

Which group gained power by helping new immigrants in the United States during the late 1800s?
a) Settlement houses
b) Political machines
c) Labor unions
d) Big businesses

Which industry contributed to the growth of Chicago?
a) Meatpacking
b) Automobile
c) Steel
d) Cotton

Settlement houses were created because of increasing —
a) immigrant populations
b) urban employment
c) educational opportunities
d) government regulation

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