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All living things must
a) reproduce
b) get and use energy
c) grow and develop
d) all of these

All living things must have
a) DNA
b) many cells
c) mitochondria
d) a nucleus

According to cell theory
a) all cells have walls
b) cells can arise spontenously
c) the cells is the basic unit of all living things
d) all cells have a nucleus

All living things must
a) move around
b) breath
c) be made up of cells
d) all of these

All living things must
a) be able to reproduce asexually (without a male and a female)
b) be able to do photosynthesis (the process where plants make their own food)
c) be able to attract and kill food
d) be able to respond to a stimulus

Which of these choices does not have the basic characteristics of life?
a) the chicken pox virus
b) african violets
c) Ecoli bacteria
d) Labrador Retrievers

Which scientist is NOT associated with the study of cells
a) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
b) Albert Einstein
c) Robert Hook
d) Shelidan and Shwann

You can see most sells with your eyes
a) True
b) False

Living things can survive in almost any type of environment
a) True
b) False

Nonliving things
a) do not use energy
b) grow and reproduce
c) respond to the outside world
d) adapt and change over time

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