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A student measure 33 mL of water into a graduated cylinder. What is the mass of only the 33 mL of water?
a) 66 grams
b) unknown, more information needed
c) 33 grams
d) 11 grams

1.0 mL = ? cubic centimeters.
a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

Water displacement is a measuring technique that allows you to determine the _____ of a irregular shaped object.
a) mass
b) length
c) temperature
d) volume

What is the volume of a cube that is 5 cm on each side?
a) 5 cm
b) 25 square centimeters
c) 125 cm
d) 125 cubic centimeters

A digital balance is used and you place a 40 g cup on it. You now press the "TARE" button on the balance. What is the reading now on the balance?
a) 40 g
b) 20 g
c) 0 g
d) 80 g

A cup and the water in it weights 160 grams. The cup alone weights 40 grams. What is the weight of the water in the cup?
a) 200 g
b) 120 g
c) 4.0 g
d) unknown - more information needed.

Which of the following length measurement is longer?
a) 200 cm
b) 2000 mm
c) 2.0 meters
d) They are all the same length.

A rock is dropped into a graduated cylinder filled with 30 mL of water. The water level rises to 47 mL. What is the volume of the rock?
a) 77 mL
b) 7 mL
c) 17 mL
d) 23 mL

Which of these is not a unit of volume?
a) mL
b) L
c) g
d) cubic centimeter

What two instruments can be used to measure or find volume?
a) balance and ruler
b) graduated cylinder and ruler
c) graduated cylinder and a digital balance
d) thermometer and a beaker.

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