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What are the secretions of the stomach?
a) Hydrogen peroxide, catalase, and fats
b) There are no secretions in the stomach
c) Enzymes, mucus, and acids
d) Amylase, fatty acids, and proteins

What are the digestive accessory organs?
a) Tongue, epiglottis, colon, stomach
b) Salivary glands, liver, pancreas, gall bladder
c) Mouth, tongue, stomach, gall bladder
d) Gall bladder, liver, small intestine, large intestine

What are the building blocks of fat molecules?
a) Fatty acids
b) Proteins
c) Simple sugars
d) Amino acids

What is the role of lipase in fat digestion?
a) It increases the surface area of the enzyme.
b) It allows bile to chemically digest fat.
c) It is an enzyme that chemically breaks down lipids, oils, & fats.
d) It mechanically breaks down fats.

What is the main function of the large intestine?
a) Nutrient absorption
b) Carbohydrate digestion
c) Protein digestion
d) Water reabsorption

What organ regulates the passage of food into the esophagus and away from the windpipe & lungs?
a) Cardiac sphincter
b) Epiglottis
c) Tongue
d) Salivary glands

Where is bile produced? Where is it stored?
a) Liver & gall bladder
b) Liver & stomach
c) Gall bladder & pancreas
d) Stomach & pancreas

What enzyme begins carbohydrate digestion in the mouth?
a) Salivary amylase
b) Ligase
c) Lipase
d) Pancreatic amylase

What are the muscular contractions that force material through the digestive system?
a) Epiglottis
b) Chyme
c) Sphincter
d) Peristalsis

Which organ is the primary site of protein digestion?
a) Gall bladder
b) U.S. Cellular Field
c) Bile
d) Stomach

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