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Which event had the biggest impact on how most Americans view the Middle East
a) Operation Desert Storm
b) War in Afghanistan
c) Persian Gulf War
d) September 11 attacks

Who is best known for leading al-qaeda?
a) Saddam Hussein
b) Osama bin Laden
c) George W. Bush
d) Osman I

The Hatred of Jews is:
a) Nuremberg
b) Auschwitz
c) Anti-semitism
d) Propoganda

Which country was created in 1948?
a) Kuwait
b) Germany
c) Israel
d) United Nations

What group was responsible for the terror attacks on September 11, 2001
a) Al-Qaeda
b) Taliban
c) Hamaz

Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is largely based on:
a) ethnicity
b) religion
c) water rights
d) oil

Which of the following best describes interactions between Middle Eastern countries since the creation of Israel
a) continued conflict
b) lasting peace
c) economic interaction only
d) a lack of interaction

Who declared war on Israel immediately following its creation?
a) Germany
b) United States
c) Arab nations
d) United Nations

Which event had the largest impact on convincing the world to support the creation of Israel?
a) a

a) a

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