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A _________ is a group of computers all linked together.
a) Desktop
b) Network
c) Extension
d) Screen Saver

The process of organizing files into folders is called
a) organization
b) folder control
c) file control
d) file management

The ___________ is the main screen of your computer and contains all program icons.
a) Network
b) Screen Saver
c) Desktop
d) Taskbar

_____________ is a three or four letter code that identifies the program used to create files.
a) Icon
b) Thumbnail
c) Key
d) Extension

A __________ is a series of moving pictures or text that helps prevent images from permanently discoloring the screen of the montior.
a) Screen Saver
b) Desktop
c) Taskbar
d) Icon

A __________ is a small picture representing a program.
a) Thumbnail
b) Screen Saver
c) Icon
d) Network

The ___________ displays open programs, time, and other special controls.
a) Taskbar
b) Desktop
c) Show Desktop Button
d) Safely Remove Hardware Button

A _________ is a miniature display of a file.
a) Icon
b) Thumbnail
c) Screen Saver
d) Desktop

The ___________ button is located on the far left of the Taskbar.
a) Show Desktop
b) Safely Remove Hardware
c) Start
d) Views

The _______ button gives you different options for displaying files.
a) Views
b) Show Desktop
c) Safely Remove Hardware
d) Start

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