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One of Roosevelt's first actions as president was which of the following?
a) Dismissed Congress to return to learn what voters wanted and how to craft and implement those policies
b) declared a national bank holiday

. Roosevelt's first fireside chat with the American people over radio engaged which of the following topics?
a) Banking policy to be pursued by his administration.
b) Need for social security pensions for the elderly and unemployment insurance for workers.

Americans did all of the following Except to survive during the Great Depression?
a) lived in Hoovervilles
b) ate at soup kitchens
c) invested in the Stock Market

Which of the following was Not an effect of the Great Depression?
a) many schools closed
b) Mexican were deported
c) several people invested their savings in the market with hopes of becoming rich

Which of the following is NOT an effect of the Great Depression?
a) a large number of people did not have jobs
b) a large numbers of people registered to vote
c) a large number of people moved from city to city to try to find a job
d) a large number people were homeless and hungry

During the Dust Bowl, many farmers became migrant farmers as they moved from region to region looking for work.
a) True
b) False

During the Dust Bowl, farmers could barely make a living, causing many to leave their homes for the west.
a) True
b) False

n the 1930s, the American Great Plains became known as the Dust Bowl because it was the source of huge clouds of dust that covered much of the United States. Which best describes the causes of the Dust Bowl?
a) a long period of cool weather and a volcanic eruption
b) wide-scale deforestation and gradual climate change
c) a severe drought and the overuse of prairie farmland

Most Dust Bowl migrants headed to which of the following states to find a job?
a) Texas
b) Okalhoma
c) California
d) Nevada

Which of the following was Not a cause of the Dust Bowl?
a) Overgrazing
b) Irrigation
c) little rainfall
d) high winds

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