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The way you sit in front of your computer and type is called your __________.
a) Posture
b) Technique
c) Method
d) Style

The ____________ button permanently deletes all items stored in the Recycle Bin.
a) Show Desktop
b) Restore
c) Empty the Recycle Bin
d) Views

When typing, your _________ should be straight and slightly raised above the keyboard.
a) fingers
b) arms
c) elbows
d) wrists

The __________ button undeletes all items and saves them back to their original location.
a) Desktop
b) Restore
c) Empty the Recycle Bin
d) Views

When typing, your palms should
a) be resting lightly on home row
b) be resting on the table
c) be resting on the keyboard
d) not be resting on anything

The __________ is storage on a computer that holds all files after they have been deleted.
a) Screen Saver
b) Desktop
c) Trash Can
d) Recycle Bin

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causes tingling or numbness in your
a) fingers
b) elbows
c) feet
d) arms

To delete a folder, select it and press the _________ button.
a) Delete
b) Insert
c) Shift
d) Tab

The material that you are typing from is called a ________.
a) Rough Draft
b) Handout
c) Copy
d) Book

To move a file, all you need to do is click the folder to select it and ________it to the correct folder.
a) Insert
b) Paste
c) Drag
d) Copy

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