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a venerable teacher
a) dignified and respected
b) new and lively
c) popular and interesting
d) studious

a feeling of amity
a) joy
b) anger
c) anxiety
d) friendship

our sovereign leader
a) elected
b) supreme
c) wealthy
d) wise

the ideal of chivalry
a) honor and courtesy
b) softness and gentleness
c) medieval warfare
d) equality and fairness

the quest for gold
a) hope
b) discovery
c) search
d) minor

a devout attitude
a) insincere
b) earnest
c) negative
d) patriotic

hereditary positions
a) approved of
b) officially appointed
c) democratically elected
d) passed down by inheritance

a woman of prowess
a) bravery and skill
b) suffering and pain
c) age and wisdom
d) strength and glory

the medieval story
a) about Middle Earth
b) from the Middle Ages
c) about evil deeds
d) from the present

to make a potion
a) position
b) statement
c) dessert
d) drink

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