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50. Which of the following aspects of the worldview of Renaissance Europe would have been acceptable to a person with a worldview of Edo Japan?
a) Human beings should use their powers of reason to find the truth for themselves
b) People should study and learn more about the people of other times and places
c) Political leaders should use their power to ensure the security and stability of the nation they rule
d) Artists and scientists should experiment with new means of finding out about the world around them

Which of the following statements describes a disadvantage of the island location of Japan?
a) An island location helped to protect Japan from foreign invaders
b) Since Japan is an island, the resources of the sea helped to feed and employ the Japanese people
c) An island location allowed Japan to close itself to foreign influences
d) Since Japan is an island, trade and contact with other nations is more difficult

Immediately after the conquest of the Aztec Empire, the Spanish took steps to:
a) Destroy all traces of the Aztec temples and religious symbols
b) Establish the independence of the new Spanish colony
c) Prevent the intermarriage of Spanish and Indigenous people
d) Preserve the Aztec leadership and political structure

Which of the following phrases describes a worldview which was not generally shared by members of the Aztec nations?
a) A belief that the gods controlled all aspects of their world
b) A desire to conquer or control a greater amount of territory
c) The commitment to protect the state from enemies
d) The conviction that people should be able to choose any religion

17. The ideas of the Protestant Reformaion spread quickly across Europe, mostly because of the:
a) Invention of new methods of transportation
b) Increase in trade that occurred during the Renaissance
c) Availability of books as a result of the invention of the printing press
d) Growth in the number of Universities throughout Europe during the Renaissance

In Renaissance Europe, the writing of Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler were all most closely associated with:
a) Challenges to the authority of the Pope
b) Discoveries related to the position of the Earth in the universe
c) New ideas on the role of the citizen in government
d) Revival of medieval knowledge about the human body

Which of the following statements is consistent with the worldview in Renaissance Europe?
a) People can study religion to discover answers to the meaning of life and to discover their world.
b) People can use the power of reason and thinking to discover knowledge about themselves and society
c) People should rely on tradition to address their problems, making new ways of looking at the world unnecessary
d) People do not need to involve themselves in government because the ruler will make necessary decisions for them.

One of the main reasons the expansion of trade had its greatest impact on northern Italy was because:
a) Other areas of Europe were more heavily affected by the Black Death
b) The feudal system was weaker in Italy than in the rest of Europe
c) Agricultural production in Italy was greater than production in the rest of Europe
d) Italy had many ports with which trade flowed

An unexpected result of the Crusades to the Holy Land was the:
a) Conquest of large areas of Palestine
b) Decline in the variety of goods being traded in Europe
c) Exposure of Europeans to Muslim learning and culture
d) Increase in numbers of Muslim settlers in Europe

Which of the following activities of the Christian Church during the medieval period would have been most criticized by those who held the changing worldview in the Renaissance?
a) Monasteries preserved books and became centers of learning during the medieval period.
b) Priests performed religious services for members of their congregations.
c) Churches and monasteries would often care for the sick, the poor and the hungry.
d) Land ownership and the collection of the tithe made the church very wealthy.

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