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What is the three ways to analyze data?
a) compare, calculate and record
b) view, calculate and erase
c) calculate, graph, compare
d) graph, record and measure

What variable is intentionally altered or changed by the scientist?
a) Manipulated
b) Responding
c) Dependent
d) Control

How many manipulated variables are allowed in a controlled experiment?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) infinite

In an experiment to determine if plants grow best when exposed to music, what is the responding variable to be measured?
a) type of music
b) amount of water
c) amount of sunlight
d) plant growth or change in plant height

What control variables exist in an experiment to measure if plant growth is affected by music?
a) music type, water amount, sunlight
b) type of soil, amount of sunlight, room temperature
c) plant height, music type, amount of sunlight
d) music type and plant growth

What lab variable is graphed on the x-axis?
a) Dependent
b) Control
c) Manipulated
d) None of these

How many varaible(s) may change in a controlled experiment? (maximum #)
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) infinite

Which of these measurement using a meterstick is correct when the width of your book was measured?
a) 23.0
b) 22.4 cm
c) 22.4 m
d) 22.0008

Water Displacement is used to find ...
a) the mass of water in a beaker.
b) volume of an irregular shaped solid like a rock.
c) calculate the mass of a liquid.
d) the length of a solid.

The conclusion of an experiment must state if
a) the hypothesis is correct or incorrect based on lab data,
b) the data analysis is accurate and a graph is constructed.
c) the problem has a hypothesis.
d) the data table is complete and accurate.

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