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Single Step And Multi-step Word Problems. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

1. Ms. Fulop wants to read a book called “Lucy Calkins” with 1,285 pages. If she reads 5 pages each night, how many nights will it take her to finish the long book?
a) 237
b) 277
c) 257
d) 330

2. Ms. Dahlquist made cookies for the Cardinal Ridge bake sale. She decided to bake 24 snickerdoodle cookies and 32 chocolate chip cookies. How many did she bake altogether?
a) 65
b) 55
c) 56
d) 53

Miss Watson bought 5 cans of soup at the grocery store. Each can is 10 ounces. How many total ounces of soup did Miss Watson purchase?
a) 50
b) 5
c) 15
d) 500

4. A parking garage has 12 levels. Each level has 86 parking spaces. What is the total number of parking spaces in the parking garage?
a) 74
b) 98
c) 1,032
d) 1,233

Mrs. Campano purchased 3 cases of pencils. Each case contained 96 pencils. What was the total number of pencils purchased?
a) 99
b) 32
c) 288
d) 93

7. Mr. Burns spent $7 on Pokemon Go and $3 on a cable charger at Gamestop. Mr. Davis spent $4 dollars on Pokemon Go and $2 on a cable charger at Toys R Us. How much less money did Mr. Davis spend than Mr. Burns?
a) $3
b) $10
c) $6
d) $4

8. The adventure club went on a hike to see a waterfall. To get to the hike, the club members took 6 cars and 8 vans. There were 2 people in each car and 9 people in each van. How many people went on the hike?
a) 84
b) 70
c) 25
d) 48

Isaac went to the store to buy groceries. He has $87.50. The groceries cost $63.00. How much money did he have after grocery shopping?
a) $150.00
b) $25.50
c) $24.50
d) $150.50

Chris bought a box of 24 cookies. He paid $3.53 for the box. His mom made 24 cookies and she spent $1.22 for the ingredients. How much money did Chris' mom save making cookies instead of buying them?
a) $29.28
b) $2.31
c) $4.75
d) $5.98

Mariah read 86 pages of her book last week. She read 58 pages of her book this week. How many more pages of her book does she need to read if her goal is 200 pages?
a) 144
b) 56
c) 344
d) 28

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