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about the girl
a) de puellā
b) de puellam

with a friend
a) cum amicō
b) cum amicum

ex Romā
a) towards rome
b) out of Rome
c) away from Rome
d) through Rome

cum amicīs
a) by friends
b) without friends
c) from friends
d) with friends

ad Romam
a) to Rome
b) from Rome
c) through Rome
d) by Rome

vulneratur 'āb hostibus'
a) from the enemeis
b) by the enemies

contra hostes
a) by the enemies
b) against the enemies
c) across the enemies
d) through the enemies

de Romā
a) about Rome
b) to Rome
c) from Rome
d) across Rome

in villā
a) by the house
b) into the house
c) in the house
d) onto the house

Per villam
a) from the house
b) thorugh the house
c) away from the house
d) across the house

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