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What is the largest non-polar desert in the world?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Gobi Desert
c) Mojave Desert
d) The Arabian Desert

Which planet is closest to the sun?
a) Venus
b) Uranus
c) Mercury
d) Mars

Cirrus, stratus, and cumulus are types of what?
a) Plants
b) Insects
c) Rocks
d) Clouds

Which of these carries a positive charge?
a) Electrons
b) Protons
c) Neutrons
d) Anions

What is the name of the largest ocean?
a) Atlantic
b) Pacific
c) Arctic
d) Indian

How many bones do sharks have in their bodies?
a) 206
b) 98
c) 36
d) 0

The fastest land mammal is the
a) African Lion
b) Cheetah
c) Gazelle
d) Zebra

What famous scientist was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics?
a) Darwin
b) Newton
c) Wegener
d) Einstein

What is the name of the part of the human skeleton which protects our brain?
a) Sternum
b) Tibia
c) Phalange
d) Cranium

Pure water has a pH level of a around?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 7
d) 10

The molten rock that comes from a volcano after it has erupted is known as what?
a) Lava
b) Magma
c) VOG
d) More than one of these

What is the name of the closest star to the earth?
a) Alpha Centauri
b) The Sun
c) Polaris
d) Betelguese

The fear of what animal is known as ‘arachnophobia’?
a) Snakes
b) Mice
c) Spiders
d) Science Class

DNA is the shortened form of:
a) Deoxynucleic Acid
b) Deoxyribo Acid
c) Diribonucleic Acid
d) Deoxyribonucleic Acid

What is the first element on the periodic table of elements?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon
c) Hydrogen
d) Plutonium

Another name for a tidal wave is a:
a) Tsunami
b) Typhoon
c) Turbulance
d) T wave

True or false? Dogs are herbivores.
a) True
b) False

What is the process that allows a plant to produce glucose?
a) Cellular respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Glycolosis
d) Electron transport

What is the biggest planet in our solar system?
a) Earth
b) Saturn
c) Jupiter
d) Mars

The chemical formula for water is:
a) NaAlO2
b) H2O
c) Al2O3
d) CaSiO3

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