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________________ is the study of ancient people.
a) Artifacts
b) Biology
c) Archeology
d) Geology

_________________ is a way of life of a particular group of people.
a) Nomad
b) Migration
c) Culture
d) Society

____________ are things left behind by early people.
a) Archeology
b) Carbon Dating
c) Stories
d) Artifacts

As they began to produce their own food, early Americans started to form _________.
a) Groups
b) Communities
c) Friendships
d) Cultures

The ____________ provided access to the Americas.
a) Ice Age
b) Mayas
c) Oceans
d) Incas

People began raising a form of corn called maize.
a) True
b) False

_________ is the land bridge that joined Asia and the Americas.
a) Cuzco
b) Tikal
c) Beringia
d) Tenochtitlan

____________ are people who moved from place to place.
a) Migration
b) Nomads
c) Communities
d) Civilizations

______________ is a movement of a large number of people into a new homeland.
a) Migration
b) Nomads
c) Communities
d) Civilizations

The first Americans hunted animals such as the
a) Saber Tooth Tiger
b) Bears
c) Mammoths
d) Both Saber Tooth Tiger and Mammoths

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