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Aboriginal, First Nations, Métis, Francophone, and Anglophone peoples have ____________ because of reasons that are historical and constitutional. What is the name of this group of laws?
a) No rights
b) Fragile Laws
c) Treaty Rights
d) Collective Rights

. A man and a lady move to a small town in Alberta. The town’s people are very nice to them and welcome them into their community. After helping the couple unload their truck full of their possessions the mayor of the town tell them that they must co
a) Legal
b) Deomicratic
c) Mobility
d) Fundamental Freedom

A lady with equal experience and training to another lady applies to a job but soon finds out that she was not hired because she is Cuban. Which of her individual Charter rights are being infringed upon?
a) Legal Rights
b) Fundamental Freedoms
c) Equality Rights
d) Democracy Rights

If a Canadian citizen feels that a law or policy has denied or infringed on their guaranteed rights or freedoms, to address this situation they can:
a) call their MP (Member or Parliament) or other elected representative and ask them to amend the law.
b) just ignore the law or policy since it is unfair.
c) ask the government to hold a referendum and allow citizens to vote on the fairness of the law or policy in question.
d) challenge the law or policy by asking the courts to review the law and see if individual rights or freedoms have been affect

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does all of the following except
a) Constitutionally protects certain rights and freedoms for Canadian citizens
b) Gives Canadian citizens the right to vote for their elected representatives
c) Protects the right of the majority of Canadians to treat the minority as outsiders.
d) Gives Canadian citizens the right to vote for their elected representatives

Which of the following describes a role fulfilled by the John Howard and Elizabeth Fry societies?
a) Advocating on the behalf of criminals and their families
b) Crafting legislation to deal with serious crime
c) Providing support for victims of violent crime
d) Deciding on punishments for young offenders

Canada has different legislation for young people who break the law and for adults who break the law
a) True
b) False
c) X
d) X

The right to vote for a new government at least every five years is
a) A fundamental Freedom
b) A democratic Right
c) A mobility right
d) A legal Right

The Indian Act hindered the rights of aboriginal peoples by all of the following except:
a) . not allow aboriginal peoples to participate in traditional ceremonies.
b) not allow aboriginal peoples to govern themselves
c) not allow aboriginal peoples to participate in traditional ceremonies
d) not allow aboriginal peoples to have children.

. The creation of Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act in 2003 was based on the idea that young offenders should be:
a) dealt with more harshly than adult offenders because it is important to create meaningful and hard sentences for youth off
b) treated the same as adult offenders because all people should be treated equally and the consequences for committing a cri
c) prosecuted and sentenced by a jury of their peers which would be other youth from the community.
d) treated differently from adult offenders because have different ways of interpreting situations than adults do and don't a

The part of the Canadian government responsible for putting laws into action? (For example the police force)
a) Judicial Branch
b) Legislative Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Governor General

Which electoral system is used to select Canada’s members of Parliament?
a) Canvassing
b) Popular Vote
c) Proportional representation
d) First Past the Post

Before a bill can be made into a law in the federal government of Canada, it will go through all of the following processes with the exception of:
a) a public referendum
b) three readings in the House of Commons.
c) granting of 'Royal Assent' by the Governor-General.
d) voting and debate in the Senate.

Who is the formal head of state for Canada?
a) Justin Trudeau
b) Queen Elizabeth II
c) The Liberal Party of Canada
d) The Progressive conservative Party of Canada

Which of the following best describes a lobby group?
a) A group of people who gather together to have
b) A group of people who are sitting in a hotel lobby, waiting for a bus.
c) A group of people who are not interested in anyone's opinions.
d) A group of people who try to convince a government to take action on an issue.

Which government body is responsible for interpreting laws?
a) Cabinet
b) Senate
c) Supreme court
d) Provincial Legislature

Which of the following is not a function of a political party?
a) lobbying the government for changes in legislation
b) electing a party leader and selecting candidates to run in an election
c) electing a party leader and selecting candidates to run in an election
d) electing a party leader and selecting candidates to run in an election

What are Canada's three levels of government under the federal system?
a) federal, provincial and municipal
b) executive, legislative, judicial
c) prime minister, premier, mayor
d) representative, responsible, democratic

Which government type allows citizens to have the greatest amount of political influence?
a) Democracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Autocracy
d) Theocracy

In which type of government does the power rest with a small group of people?
a) Democracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Autocracy
d) Theocracy

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