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Which of these variables will alter the swing-time for one pendulum cycle?
a) Mass
b) Angle of release
c) Length of the pendulum
d) Color of the pendulum

What variable alters swing-time of the pendulum that is the hardest to manipulate in the lab?
a) gravity
b) mass
c) length
d) angle of release

The responding variable in the pendulum lab was the _______________.
a) angle of release (degrees)
b) Length (cm)
c) Mass (g)
d) swing time (s)

Which of these pendulums will take the longest time to complete one cycle?
a) 40 gram mass, 30 degree angle of release and 5 cm in length
b) 40 gram mass, 20 degree angle of release and 5 cm in length
c) 40 gram mass, 30 degree angle of release and 25 cm in length
d) 80 gram mass, 30 degree angle of release and 5 cm in length

Which lab variable is graphed on the x-axis
a) Manipulated
b) Dependent
c) Responding
d) Control

The phrase DRY MIX is used to ...
a) evaluate a lab experiment.
b) remember the steps of the scientific method.
c) remember lab variables names and how to graph them.
d) remember safety procedures in the lab.

How many manipulated variables are allowed in a science experiment?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) more than 4

On the moon the time for one pendulum cycle (swing-time) is _____ on earth
a) equal to that
b) greater than
c) less than
d) unchanged compared to that

What is the stopwatch time rounded to the nearest tenth of a second when the stopwatch display reads: 0:23.89 s?
a) 23.0 s
b) 23.8 s
c) 23.9 s
d) 24.0 s

List three ways to analyze experimental data.
a) graph, calculate and record.
b) record, calculate and measure.
c) graph, calculate and compare.
d) calculate, erase and compare.

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