Computers 8 Final Exam Review Question Preview (ID: 42865)

Computers 8 Final Exam Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

How do online classes require the entire class to regularly discuss classwork/answer questions?
a) Discussion Board
b) Chat room
c) Google Doc.
d) Email

Communicating from a distance in any way through computers
a) Telecomputing
b) Emailing
c) Chatting
d) Vlogging

A way to voice chat online through the computer
a) Voice over IP
b) Vlog
c) Podcast
d) Video Conferencing

Any tool online that allows users to collaborate with others, share content, or create projects
a) Web tool
b) Video Conference
c) Email
d) Telecompute

A place online that allows several users to instantly post comments back forth
a) Chat room
b) Vlog
c) Video Conference
d) Email

Collection of questions comments posted on a website, by topic for anyone to contribute to
a) Threaded Discussion
b) Video Conference
c) Blog
d) Vlog

An assignment that is completed online by following directions, containing links to information
a) Web Quest
b) Video Conference
c) Web Tool
d) Blog

Electronic chat messages that are exchanged quickly between two users
a) Instant Messaging
b) Email
c) Threaded Discussion
d) Podcast

An online tool that allows viewers to actively edit and publish content for others to see.
a) Wiki
b) Email
c) Threaded Discussion
d) Blog

Assignments for online classes have no deadlines can be turned in anytime during the term.
a) False
b) True

When evaluating the content of a website, what should you do?
a) Look for the author's credentials when it was last updated This is a correct answer
b) check Wikipedia
c) Use the first search engine result
d) Email the site's domain host

Which of the following identify the type of website you're visiting?
a) domain name ending
b) registrar host
c) domain name
d) www.

A website that has a strong opinion or agenda is...
a) biased
b) neutral
c) scholarly
d) a wikipedia

Illegally downloading music, programs, and movies is an example of...
a) Copyright Violation
b) Phishing
c) Spamming
d) Plagiarism

Any crime that occurs online is called a...
a) Cyber Crime
b) Cyberbullying
c) Fraud
d) Identity Theft

Which of the following is an example of assistive technology?
a) video conferencing software
b) Instagram
c) printers
d) Word processing sofware

What is the term for someone who does nothing while seeing others being bullied/cyberbullied?
a) bystander
b) upstander
c) neustander
d) passivestander

Which of the following allows users to create things in an online editor (eg Tinkercad, Canva)?
a) Web tool
b) RAM
c) Google Drive
d) Threaded Discussion

Citations give credit to authors or artists for their ideas and/or works of art.
a) True
b) False

What type of device is the following item? Keyboard
a) Input
b) Output
c) Both Input and Output
d) software

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