Unit 13: In The Jungle Question Preview (ID: 42837)

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My dog is very _____, so I keep her on a leash when I walk her (likely to change quickly for no reason)
a) consistent
b) steadfast
c) calm
d) capricious

without much hope; cold and dreary
a) bleak
b) promising
c) bright
d) sunny

very obvious, often in an offensive and obnoxious way
a) unclear
b) downtrodden
c) blatant
d) typical

a large-scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
a) pleasant
b) catastrophe
c) normal
d) generous

to agree
a) disagree
b) dissent
c) concur
d) dismount

the science that deals with the surface of the Earth, including countries, climate, and land formations
a) geography
b) space
c) trains
d) moon

very tiring; exhausting
a) easy
b) low-key
c) kind
d) grueling

without delay or time for careful thought ; hastily (The soldiers rushed _____ into the battle)
a) headlong
b) slowly
c) planned
d) nonchalantly

extremely funny; causing loud amusing
a) serious
b) unfunny
c) hilarious
d) stupid

dark; gloomy; hard to see through
a) clear
b) crystal
c) clean
d) murky

living by killing and eating other animals, or by stealing from others
a) friend
b) predatory
c) ally
d) kindness

to go on or continue after an interruption
a) resume
b) finish
c) stop
d) halt

a specific group of plants or animals that have some things in common
a) individual
b) drone
c) void
d) species

totally unharmed
a) harmed
b) unscathed
c) hurt
d) injured

a sudden desire to do something without a particular reason; a fanciful idea
a) whim
b) planned
c) thoughtful
d) clever

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