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An organism that breaks down / eats dead or rotted plants / animals is a....
a) herbivore
b) omnivore
c) producer
d) decomposer

An area of similar Precipitation and Temperature (like a Forest, or Tundra) is a....
a) Pioneer Species
b) Galaxy
c) Continent
d) Biome

The 1st organism in a food chain must always be what type of organism?
a) Carnivore
b) Producer
c) Herbivore
d) Omnivore

The FIRST plant to move into an area of bare rock is called a....
a) Succession
b) Primary Consumer
c) Herbivore
d) Pioneer Species

a large body of permeable underground rock that has a storage of water is an...
a) Swimming pool
b) Lake
c) Aquifer
d) Aqua-Man

Electric current is the flow of:
a) Electrons
b) Protons
c) Neutrons
d) None of these

Energy that is STORED UP is...
a) Potential
b) Kinetic
c) Light
d) Heat

The Cavaliers with beat the Golden State Warriors in game 1 tonight!
a) Yes, they will!
b) No, not a chance.
c) Who are the Cavs?
d) Golden who?

Electrical energy is changed to ______________ in light bulbs.
a) Sound energy
b) Thermal energy
c) Light energy
d) Kinetic energy

A parallel curcuit is a type of electrical circuit in which there is a single current pathway.
a) true
b) false
c) yes
d) for sure!

When one bulb in a SERIES circuit containing several light bulbs burn out:
a) the other bulbs burn brighter.
b) nothing changes in the rest of the circuit.
c) none of the other bulbs will light up.
d) all the other bulbs stay lit permanently.

There is an attractive force between two charged objects when....
a) their forces are different (positive and negative)
b) their forces are the same
c) they have the same number of electrons
d) they collide into each other

Which of the following particles are POSITIVELY charged?
a) protons
b) electrons
c) neutrons
d) photons

The pathway that electricity flows on is called a....
a) Circle
b) Pathway
c) Circuit
d) Trail

Charges that are the same ___________ each other
a) cancel
b) attract
c) repel
d) join

Batteries typically have
a) two positive terminals
b) two negative terminals
c) one positive and one negative terminal
d) no termials

A(n) _______________ is a solution, or chemical that conducts electricity.
a) electrode
b) terminal
c) voltage
d) electrolyte

Which of the following particles are NEGATIVELY charged?
a) protons
b) electrons
c) neutrons
d) photons

When there is an equal amount of positive and negative charges on an object, the object is
a) positively charged
b) negatively charged
c) supercharged
d) neutral

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