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What are the 5 principles under the Canadian Health Act?
a) Free, Available, Helpful, Lots of Doctors, Free ambulances
b) Publicly administered, comprehensive, universal, portable, accessible
c) Private, Expensive, Non-Government Funded, Pay for ambulances, Prestigious
d) Only for the rich, private, hard to get, better service, more doctors

How does tax evasion effect social programs and quality of life?
a) It keeps everything the same
b) It changes taxes, but not by much
c) It raises overall taxes and causes honest workers to pay more taxes
d) It lowers overall taxes and does not effect quality of life

Citizens often choose to vote for a candidate from a political party based on that party's platform. In this context, a platform would best be describe as:
a) a statement of the party's goals and policies
b) a statement showing past accomplishments of the party
c) advertising aimed at convincing citizens to vote for the party
d) a summary of campaign speeches given by the candidate

Which of the following is NOT one possible negative impact of tax evasion?
a) government loses revenue through unpaid taxes and has decreased funding for government funded programs and services
b) productivity increases as people participating in tax evasion see greater benefits in working harder...
c) tax rates increase as the government attempts to compensate for lost revenue, putting burden on honest workers
d) Legitimate businesses and working citizens are at a disadvantage when compared to businesses or individuals

Income Tax is what?
a) Based on what you earn
b) Based on what you spend
c) Federal tax spent on purchases

What are political platforms and why might they change over time?
a) They are a competition between people
b) Describe the official policies of a political party. May change due to whats important to citizens at the moment
c) Describe why they will win
d) Political Parties

The number and type of social programs a country has is determined by the:
a) per capita GDP (gross domestic product)
b) collective quality of life of the nation's citizens
c) values of society
d) size of the population

The Canadian government uses Equalization Payments to redistribute wealth evenly between the have and have-not provinces. What is the social equivalent of this program?
a) Taxation of Gasoline
b) Subsidized Education
c) Charging monthly health care premiums
d) Welfare and unemployment insurance

A political party that favours universal health care, publicly funded daycare, and raising corporate taxes would also likely favor which of the following actions?
a) progressive taxation
b) private health clinics
c) limiting access to social services
d) cutting services during tough economic times

An example of tax evasion is when someone
a) accidentally pays more than they owe in taxes
b) accidentally misses the deadline for submitting a tax return
c) intentionally pays more tax than required on each pay cheque
d) intentionally misrepresents their income when submitting a tax return

Health care in Canada must be publicly administered, comprehensive, portable, universal, and..?
a) free
b) inclusive
c) remote
d) accesible

Which of the following actions would most likely have a negative effect on the government's ability to provide social services?
a) people who under report their annual income
b) people who collect support, such as welfare
c) an increase to the minimum wage
d) an increase to the income tax rate

Each of the following economic actions are taken by both the United States and Canadian governments, except..
a) the provision of social services
b) the encouragement of competition in the market
c) the promotion of private ownership in the most sectors
d) the provision of publicly owned and universal health care

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