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Climate information is gathered over a period of
a) 30 years
b) 20 years
c) 10 years
d) 5 years

2 important parts of climate are -
a) Rainfall
b) Temperature
c) All
d) None

How is rainfall and temperature measured
a) Rainfall - millimetres
b) Temperature - Degrees Celsius
c) All
d) None

Climate graphs/ data show -
a) Average amount of rainfall each month
b) As well as average rainfall for a year
c) All
d) None

Factors that influence temperature and Rainfall
a) Distance from equator (latitude)
b) Distance from the sea, Mountains (relief)
c) Height above sea level, Ocean current
d) All

Factors that influence Temperature and Rainfall in South Africa
a) Distance from equator (latitude), Ocean currents
b) Height above sea level, Mountain (relief)
c) Distance from sea, Altitide
d) All

Different types of Climates
a) Tropical Climate
b) Subtropical climate
c) Temperate Climate
d) All

Different types of Climates
a) Desert climate
b) Semi-desert climate
c) Continental Climate
d) All

Different types of Climates
a) Polar Climate
b) Tundra Climate
c) High mountain (alpine) Climate
d) All

Define Tropical climate
a) Occur between the equator 25 degrees NORTH and 25 degrees SOUTH
b) High temperature and High Rainfall
c) Main natural vegetation is rainforests
d) All

Examples of Tropical climate
a) Amazon
b) Brazil
c) There is only 1 season
d) All

Dry Tropical Climate
a) These occur closer to the TROPICS
b) Has a wet and dry season
c) Large areas of EAST AFRICA have dry tropical climate
d) All

Define Sub-tropical climate
a) Similar to dry tropical climate
b) Regions further from the equator
c) Two main seasons (Summer and winter
d) All

Define temperate climate
a) Mild climates
b) Climate occurs at 40 degrees and 65 degrees north and south lines of latitude
c) Most rain falls in winter
d) All

Define desert climate
a) Receives less than 250 mm rain a year
b) Sahara (hot) Antarctica (Cold)
c) There are both HOT and COLD deserts
d) All

Define Semi-desert climate
a) Receive between 250 mm to 500 mm rain a year
b) On the borders of hot deserts
c) Kalahari region in South Africa is Semi-desert climate
d) All

Define continental Climate
a) Between 30 degrees and 60 degrees of latitude
b) No real continental climate in Southern hemisphere
c) Rainfall of between 500 mm and 1 250 mm a year
d) All

Define Polar Climate
a) Places close to North and South POLES
b) Summers are short days are LONG
c) Many hours of weak sunshine
d) All

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