GOVT 11 Comprehensive Final Exam Study Guide Vol II Question Preview (ID: 42777)

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This allows national law to overide state law?
a) supremacy clause
b) checks and balances
c) separation of powers
d) judicial review

How old must a person be to be elected a Senator?
a) there is no age qualification
b) 30
c) 25
d) 35

Which amendment guaranteed black americans the right to vote?
a) a. 15th amendment c. 19th amendment b. 18th amendment d. 26th amendment
b) 15th amendment
c) 18th amendment
d) 19th amendment

How old must a person be to be elected a Representative to the House?
a) 18
b) 30
c) 25
d) 35

When the Constitution was first ratified, how were US Presidents elected?
a) By a vote of the Electoral College
b) By a vote of the people.
c) By election from the House of Representatives
d) By a vote of the state legislatures.

According to the Fourth Amendment, the police can search and seize a person's property only if
a) a judge issues a warrant.
b) the chief of police gives permission
c) the chief of police gives permission.
d) neighbors sign a petition.

Federalism in the Constitution meant
a) dividing power between state and national levels.
b) separating governmental functions into branches.
c) placating mercantile and agrarian interests.
d) protecting individual and property rights.

In an early test of the powers of the Articles of Confederation, the Continental Congress failed to deal with an uprising in westermn Massachusetts known as
a) Shay's rebellion
b) Pontiac's rebellion
c) the Massachusetts conspiracy.
d) the Whig uprising.

The list of essential rights demanded by the colonists included life, liberty, and
a) property
b) self employment
c) taxation only with representation
d) political liberty

Who can declare war?
a) The Congress
b) The President
c) The National Security Council
d) The Joint Chiefs of Staff

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