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The name of the telescope that has given us many photos from space is
a) Hubble
b) Kodak
c) Messenger
d) Explorer

Why was the shuttle more efficient than other rockets?
a) It could be reused.
b) It was bigger.
c) It was prettier.
d) It was faster.

The working laboratory in space is the
a) millennium falcon
b) International Space Station
c) Skylab
d) Space Lab

From 1981-2011, US astronauts traveled back and forth to space using
a) rockets
b) shuttles
c) airplanes
d) jets

Space flight would not be possible without the invention of
a) gummy worms
b) rockets
c) shuttles
d) cars

The first man in space was
a) Yuri Gagarin
b) Neil Armstrong
c) Alan Sheppard
d) Tom Hanks

The first man on the moon was
a) Buzz Lightyear
b) Buzz Aldrin
c) Neil Young
d) Neil Armstrong

The first planet ever visited was
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Eris
d) Pluto

Galileo was able to see what features on the moon using the telescope?
a) water
b) craters and mountains
c) clouds
d) rivers

The company that did the first commercial orbit
a) Space I
b) Death Star
c) Space O
d) Space X

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