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Which BEST defines Pollution?
a) Disposal of garbage everywhere
b) Improper care of the environment
c) Improper disposal of toxic or waste products in the environment
d) Discomfort in the environment

Which types of pollution impacts hearing and breathing?
a) Air and Water
b) Land and Noise
c) Noise and Air
d) Water and Noise

All of the following are types of pollution EXCEPT:
a) Noise
b) Air
c) Soil
d) Beach

Which gas is produced by vehicle emissions?
a) Carbon Monoxide
b) Carbon Oxide
c) Methane
d) Mercury

Which of the following is an effect of water pollution?
a) Disturbances nearby
b) Contaminated air
c) Global Warming
d) Daeth among marine creatures

The most likely effect of air pollution is:
a) Replenishing of the Ozone Layer
b) Global Warming
c) Loss of Toxic Waste from Fertilizers
d) Increase in Oxygen in the Atmosphere

Which country produces the MOST energy in the world?
a) USA
b) Russia
c) Iraq
d) Saudi Arabia

Car fumes and factory smoke which cause pollution is called....
a) Fog
b) Smog
c) Smoke
d) Haze

In developing countries, what sometimes happens with raw sewage, which causes pollution?
a) It gets buried behind towns
b) It runs through a treatment plant
c) It is used as fertilizer
d) It runs into rivers

When was plastic invented, which is now a source of pollution?
a) Mid- 20th Century
b) Early 20th Century
c) Late 19th Century
d) Mid- 19th Century

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