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All of the following are hardware EXCEPT
a) Monitor
b) Microsoft Word
c) CPU
d) Keyboard

The ____________ printer is a printer that prints by spraying ink onto the paper.
a) Thermal
b) Laser
c) Ink-jet
d) Dot-matrix

_____________is programs or instructions that make the computer function.
a) Hardware
b) CPU
c) Email
d) Software

A ___________________ printer is a printer that uses tiny pins to strike an ink ribbon and paper. All images are created from a series of tiny dots.
a) Thermal
b) Laser
c) Ink-jet
d) Dot-matrix

The processor, also known as the __________ CPU; this is the brains of the computer.
a) Computer Processing Unit
b) Central Processing Unit
c) Computer Packing Unit
d) Central Packing Unit

A ____________ is a piece of equipment that transfers information onto a piece of paper or other material.
a) Printer
b) Monitor
c) Mouse
d) PDA

A ___________ is the measure of cycles of electricity per second.
a) megabyte
b) watt
c) hertz
d) gigabyte

A ____________ is the input device that can make a copy of a photo or text and enter it into the computer.
a) Monitor
b) Scanner
c) Keyboard
d) CPU

The more hertz your computer has, the __________ it can process information.
a) slower
b) harder
c) lighter
d) faster

A _________is an input device used to point to and select items on a screen.
a) Keyboard
b) Scanner
c) Digital Camera
d) Mouse

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