Striped Pajamas Chp 4 And 5 Question Preview (ID: 42746)

Striped Pajamas Chp 4 And 5. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Describe the view from Bruno's window
a) People living in their homes
b) He thought that they were farmers, He saw they all wore the same clothes
c) Which was blue and white striped pajamas
d) All

Where does Gretel think they are. Explain your answer
a) They were slaves
b) She thought that they were country sided people
c) They were in a concentration camp
d) None

Describe the people in the camp
a) They were skinny people
b) Old people
c) They all wore the same clothes
d) all

Was Bruno's mother happy to leave Berlin? Explain
a) No, she was not happy
b) She loved the house in Berlin
c) And didn't want to leave
d) All

Describe Bruno's father
a) He is an important person/solider
b) He does important work
c) Has a loud voice
d) All

Why does Bruno go to his father's study?
a) He wanted to speak to his fater
b) About how he doesn't like this house
c) He wants to go back to Berlin
d) All

What is really going on that Bruno is not aware of?
a) His father works for the Germans to put an end to Jews
b) That he is also a general
c) All
d) None

What does father say about the people Bruno has seen from the window? Quote a line and explain why father would say this
a) They are just farmers who live here because
b) Blaine not sure of the answer
c) Blaine not sure of the answer
d) Blaine not sure of the answer

Re-read the last line of the chapter. What does it reveal about Bruno
a) Bruno wants to be like his father
b) He is naive
c) He has lack of wisdom, judgement or experience
d) All

Get research on concentration camps
a) Blaine do the research
b) None
c) all
d) -

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