Voting, Public Opinion, And Polling Ch 10 Magruder's Vol III Question Preview (ID: 42735)

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Republican viewers' main source of campaign news is
a) Fox News
b) CNN
d) NPR

Which of the following groups is the most politically conservative? a. Catholics c. Jews b. Muslims d. evangelical Protestants
a) evangelical Protestants
b) Catholics
c) Muslims
d) Jews

Conservatives typically favor
a) smaller government.
b) same-sex marriage.
c) legalized abortion.
d) government regulation of business.

Older Americans are more likely to
a) vote.
b) favor limiting Medicare.
c) favor limiting Social Security.
d) favor tax increases to pay for schools.

Modern American political liberals generally believe that __________.
a) the government should provide social programs
b) abortion on demand is unethical
c) a lower tax rate stimulates the economy
d) charities are more effective at eliminating poverty than government programs

Which of the following helps explain why wealthier citizens are more likely to vote?
a) Wealthy citizens are more likely to think that the system works for them.
b) Wealthy citizens are more likely to believe that the political party system needs to be reformed.
c) Wealthy citizens are more likely to feel alientaed from politics
d) Wealthy citizens are more likely to recognize the societl benefits of voting

Why are some people concerned about electronic voting?
a) Electronic voting could increase election fraud.
b) Electronic voting could increase the influence of special interests in elections.
c) Electronic voting could increase election costs to the states.
d) Electronic voting could increase the number of working poor who will be able to vote.

In what year did women win the right to vote?
a) 1920
b) 1870
c) 1971
d) 1965

In general, women who vote favor which party?
a) Democrats
b) Greens
c) Republicans
d) Socialists

African Americans overwhelmingly support which political party in the US?
a) Democrats
b) Republicans
c) Socialists
d) Nation of Islam

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