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Which side believed they could declare any national law illegal if they did not want to follow it?
a) North
b) South
c) West
d) Midwest

Which side believed the national government's power was supreme over the individual states?
a) North
b) South
c) West
d) Southwest

Which best describes the South's ideas about the abolition of slavery?
a) slavery was morally wrong and needed to be abolished
b) slavery could be ended, but slowly overtime
c) abolishing slavery would destroy the South's economy
d) they wanted to immediately free the slaves

Which best describes the North's view on abolishing slavery?
a) they feared abolishing slavery would destroy their economy
b) they thought slavery was necessary for the country
c) they were willing to permit slavery if the South paid taxes on slaves
d) slavery was morally wrong and should be abolished

Which of these IS NOT true about the Missouri Compromise?
a) Maine entered as a Free State
b) Popular Sovereignty would decided whether Missouri was free or slave.
c) Missouri entered as a Slave State
d) A line at the southern border of Missouri would be used to determine future free or slave states.

Which of these IS NOT true of the Compromise of 1850?
a) California entered the Union as a free state
b) Southwest territories would decide the slavery issue for themselves.
c) A stricter fugitive slave law was enacted.
d) Kansas and Nebraska would decide for themselves whether to be free or slave

Which of the following banned slave trade in Washington, D.C.
a) Compromise of 1850
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Kansas-Nebraska Act
d) Gettysburg Address

The Kansas-Nebraska Act would let the people decide whether to be free or slave. What was this called?
a) Antebellum
b) Emancipation
c) Popular Sovereignty
d) Manifest Destiny

Which event finally led some southern states to secede from the Union?
a) Lincoln's election
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Battle of Bull Run
d) Fugitive Slave Law

Which terms means 'to leave', 'withdraw', or 'quit' - which 11 states did to form the Confederate States of America?
a) antebellum
b) civil
c) secession
d) emancipate

Which was the location of the first shots of the Civil War?
a) Fort Sumter
b) Bull Run
c) Gettysburg
d) Antetam

In what state is Fort Sumter located?
a) Texas
b) Virginia
c) Maryland
d) South Carolina

Which of the following believed that the United States was one nation that could not be separated or divided?
a) Jefferson and the South
b) Lincoln and the North

Which believed that the states had freely joined the Union and could freely leave the union if they wanted?
a) Lincoln and the North
b) Jefferson and the South

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