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most marine scientists have training in the traditional science disciplines
a) true
b) false

Marine Science involves
a) science as inquiry
b) science and technology
c) social and historical perspectives of science
d) all of the answers are correct

science is
a) a body of knowledge
b) static and unchanging
c) an organized method
d) a body of knowledge and an orgtanized method

technology is a material system that produces intended results
a) true
b) false

science and technology have affected humans and other organisms
a) by improving many aspects of life and threatening and degrading some aspects of life
b) only slightly
c) by solving every problem imaginable

of the three broad actions society can take with respect to the effects of science and technology, the most logical is
a) prioritize consequences to the environment
b) consider it a lost cause and do nothing
c) pretend the proble does not exist

scientific process skills include
a) identify the problem, consturct models
b) compare observations
c) predict outcome
d) all of the answers are correct

place the basic steps of the scientific method in the generally accepted order
a) report, identify the porobelm, test hypothesis, make hypothesis, analyze results
b) identify the probelm, test hypothesis, make hypothesis, analyze results, report,
c) identify the probelm, make hypothesis, test hypothesis, analyze results, report,

a hyptheisis is
a) a theory
b) a wild guess
c) an educated scientific guess that is testable

you use ______ reasoning to propose a process that explains observed facts, You use _______ reasoning to propose what facts you would opserve if a known process takes place
a) inductive, deductive
b) abductive, deductive
c) deductive, inductive

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