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A scientist is
a) someone with many college degrees
b) none of the answers are correct
c) someone who uses the process of science to find answers
d) someone who knows a lot of science facts

The oceans are important to life on Earth because they influence
a) weather and climate
b) Earth's orbit
c) solar flar

three improtatnt marine resources are
a) food, oxygen and natural resources
b) transportation, weather and climate
c) conservation, preservation and salvation

have human seen much of the ocean
a) yes, most of it
b) yes and no. about half
c) no, very little

Which is not an effect on the ocean from human interaction
a) depleted fisheries
b) pollution
c) loss of marine environments
d) increase in marine life

it benefits you to understand the marine environment because it allows you to
a) understand the consequences of interaction with the sea
b) be someone who advocates for marine environment preservation
c) be part of the solution
d) all of the above

marine sciene is
a) the study of fish
b) the process of discovering facts, processes and unifying principles that explain the nature of the o
c) creating oc3eaographic graqphs
d) Latin and Greek applied to the sea

the four branches of oceanography include
a) biological oceanography and physical oceanogeography
b) spatial and graphical oceanography
c) USMC and Navy Seals

it is ___________ that has made true exploration of the oceans possible
a) government funding
b) changes in international law
c) a declining interest in space exploration
d) technology

marine science involves the traditional science disciplines of
a) physical and life science
b) paranormal science and astrology
c) astrology and numerology

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