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Information located at the top of each slide or page, like the author name, the page number, the date.
a) Footer
b) Footnote
c) Endnote
d) Header

The horizontal space at the top of the window that organizes commands in tabs, and then groups the commands by topic. It’s where all of your tabs and menus are.
a) Backstage
b) Home Tab
c) Ribbon
d) Hashtag

Decorative text that you can add to a document.
a) SmartArt
b) WordArt
c) Style
d) Template

To change the way an object looks.
a) Align
b) Format
c) Drop Cap
d) Style

The dotted lines on a slide the intersect to form a grid like patter that helps you position objects on a slide
a) Grayscale
b) Gridlines
c) Handing Indent
d) First Line Indent

A list with dots next to each informational item.
a) Bullet list
b) Drop Cap
c) Numbering
d) Column

When the first letter of a paragraph is a much bigger size than the rest that follow
a) Align
b) Format
c) Dropcap
d) Markup

Checks your spelling and grammar automatically.
a) AutoCorrect
b) Review
c) View
d) Spell Check

The file tab – where you can do things with your file like, share, print or save and protect it
a) Backstage
b) File
c) Home
d) Insert

A note printed at the end of a book or section of a book.
a) Footer
b) Footnote
c) Endnote
d) Header

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