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Water vapor is an example of a--
a) Solid
b) None of the above
c) Gas
d) Liquid

What changes if you break a crayon?
a) Size and shape
b) Shape and state of matter
c) Color and size
d) State of matter and color

What tool would be helpful to find temperature?
a) Magnet
b) Thermometer
c) Calculator
d) Ruler

What is volume?
a) Amount of matter in an object
b) State of matter that changes shape but not volume
c) State of matter that changes shape and volume
d) Amount of space an object takes up

What property of a pencil changes if you sharpen it?
a) Color
b) Magnetism
c) State of Matter
d) Volume

When you drop objects in a glass of water, what physical property are you testing?
a) Mass
b) Magnetism
c) State of matter
d) Able to float

Mrs. Helton has an object that does not change volume but it does take the shape of its container. What is it?
a) Solid
b) None of the above
c) Gas
d) Liquid

What should you do if you spill a liquid?
a) Tell the teacher.
b) Pour water on it.
c) Ignore the spill.
d) Wipe it up.

What safety precaution should you take when using a hot plate to boil water?
a) Touch the hot plate.
b) Put on gloves.
c) Wear goggles.
d) Turn on the hot plate.

What should you always do first before you start an investigation?
a) Put on goggles.
b) Talk to your group.
c) Answer test questions.
d) Read the directions.

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