Physics Final Exam Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 42640)

Final Exam Review 2. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Current from a battery and any battery powered device is always
a) DC
b) AC

Objects can be charged by
a) induction
b) friction. (violent event)
c) Both

Lightning bolts occur between
a) clouds and the ground.
b) clouds
c) Both

Compared to the resistance of two resistors connected in series, the same two resistors connected in parallel have
a) less
b) more
c) the same

Which of Earth’s geographic poles is nearest its magnetic north pole?
a) South Pole
b) North Pole
c) Both

Compared to its speed in air, the speed of light in water is
a) slower
b) faster
c) same

Solar eclipses are seen less commonly than lunar eclipses because
a) the sun is so much larger than the moon.
b) the sun is farther from Earth than is the moon.
c) solar eclipses don't happen as often as lunar eclipses.
d) Earth's shadow on the moon is larger than the moon's shadow on Earth.

An ideal vertical polarizing filter will transmit 50% of nonpolarized parallel light incident on it. How much light is transmitted by two ideal vertical polarizing filters that are oriented with their axes parallel to each other?
a) 0%
b) Between 0% and 50%
c) 50 %
d) Between 50% and 100%

If sunlight were green instead of white, the most comfortable color to wear on a hot day would be
a) yellow
b) blue
c) green
d) magenta

The law of reflection says that
a) the angle of reflection from a mirror equals the angle of incidence.
b) waves incident on a mirror are partially reflected.
c) all waves incident on a mirror are reflected.
d) the angle a ray is reflected from a mirror is random.

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