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A..D. means _________________
a) Another Day
b) After Destruction
c) Anno Domini
d) Before Christ

Western Calendars begin with the year that ________ was born.
a) George Washington
b) Ben Franklin
c) Adam
d) Jesus

What phrase means "in the year of our Lord"?
a) Before Christ
b) Anno Domini
c) After Destruction
d) Jesus

B.C. means __________________
a) Before Christ
b) Before Church
c) Between Church
d) Between Christ

Historians depend on ____________ to measure time
a) Maps
b) Globes
c) Charts
d) Calendars

A period of 10 years is called a __________.
a) Century
b) Decade
c) Period
d) Era

Historians divide history into blocks of time known as __________
a) Centuries
b) Periods
c) Eras
d) Periods or Eras

A period of 100 years is known as a _____________.
a) Decade
b) Century
c) Period
d) Era

__________ is the order of dates in which events happened
a) Timelines
b) Calendars
c) Decades
d) Chronology

When is this test?
a) Wednesday
b) Tomorrow (Tuesday)
c) Friday
d) Thursday

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