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Part 2 Of The Geography Final Exam Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the correct meaning of separation of powers?
a) Each branch of government has its own powers that do not affect other branches.
b) Each state has representatives in order to separate state and federal powers.
c) Power is divided among the three branches of government so no branch has all the power.
d) The president has power over the Supreme Court and Congress.

Which industries are NOT important in the western United States today?
a) ranching
b) manufacturing
c) aerospace
d) textiles

How did Lewis and Clark contribute to the expansion of the West?
a) They mapped the Mississippi River for navigators.
b) They helped the United States claim Oregon and Washington.
c) They forced Native Americans off the land west of the Mississippi.
d) They negotiated with France for the Louisiana Purchase.

Which statement does NOT correctly describe Canada's provinces or territories?
a) Each province has its own government.
b) Territories are administered by Canada's national government.
c) Canada's three territories border the Pacific Ocean.
d) Canada's largest cities are located in provinces, not territories.

Which statement best describes Canada's trade relationship with the United States?
a) Canada does little trade with the United States.
b) Almost all of Canada's imports come from the United States.
c) The United States imports most of its foreign goods from Canada.
d) Three-fourths of Canada's exports go to the United States.

Which climate zone in Mexico and Central America is found in high elevations?
a) tierra caliente
b) tierra fria
c) tierra templada
d) polar

Which Caribbean island was the first to win its independence?
a) Bahamas
b) Cuba
c) Haiti
d) Puerto Rico

Which challenge does Mexico NOT face today?
a) pollution
b) poverty
c) drug-related violence
d) aging population

Why were the Cherokee people forced from their lands?
a) White settlers wanted the Cherokees' land.
b) An extensive drought made their land useless.
c) The Cherokee did not want to live near white settlers.
d) All Native Americans were being moved west of the Mississippi River.

Which of the following cities is NOT a port city?
a) Atlanta
b) New Orleans
c) Boston
d) New York

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