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Geography is the study of the
a) sky
b) ground
c) Earth
d) humans

_________ may share the same climate, physical features, or culture
a) Cities
b) Regions
c) Places
d) Countries

All of the following are described by geography EXCEPT
a) Land
b) Water
c) Animal Life
d) Cities

__________ is how people, ideas, goods, and information move from place to place
a) Movement
b) Regions
c) Human Environment Interaction
d) Location

What is NOT a theme of Geography
a) Human Environmenet Interaction
b) Location
c) Movement
d) Latitude

____________ shows how people use and affect the environment
a) Movement
b) Regions
c) Location
d) Human Environment Interaction

Which of the following is a type of location?
a) Movement
b) Absolute
c) Relative
d) Both Absolute and Relative

Place can describe both human and physical features.
a) True
b) False

_________ is one exact spot on earth
a) Place
b) Absolute Location
c) Relative Location
d) Regions

_______________ tells where a place is compared with other places
a) Place
b) Absolute Location
c) Relative Location
d) Regions

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