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Minerals do not contain anything that was once a part of a living thing.. what is the word that best describes this.
a) dead
b) organic
c) inorganic
d) rocky

A group of _____________ make up a ____________
a) rocks, mineral
b) minerals, rock
c) organic materials, mineral
d) crystals, rock

The mineral identification test that is often performed using a penny, a glass plate, and a fingernail....
a) streak
b) luster
c) shape
d) hardness

Metallic, Dull, Pearly, Glassy... are all words used to describe what physical property of minerals?
a) Luster
b) shape
c) hardness
d) streak

The mathematical formula for density is?
a) Mass x Volume
b) Mass + Volume
c) Volume-Mass
d) Mass divided by Volume

The hardest mineral on the mohs scale of hardness is __________
a) ruby
b) talc
c) diamond
d) quartz

How do minerals form?
a) naturally occuring (in nature)
b) synthetic (man made)
c) in a jewlery store
d) none of the above

What scientific instrument was used to measure the mass of our mineral samples in lab?
a) graduated cylinder
b) balance
c) beaker
d) streak plate

What scientific instrument was used to measure the volume of our mineral samples?
a) graduated cylinder
b) balance
c) beaker
d) streak plate

Rocks are "composed" of many minerals. What does the word composed mean?
a) harder than
b) more expensive than
c) found in more places than
d) made of

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