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A social work office is a typical place of employment for workers in which career field?
a) Retail/wholesale sales
b) Human services
c) Hospitality and Tourism
d) Manufacturing

A high school student has enrolled and is taking courses through the local community college. Which opportunity is he/she taking advantage of?
a) Work-based learning options
b) Extracurricular activities
c) AP/IB courses
d) Dual enrollment opportunities

What is the main purpose of studying the sixteen career clusters?
a) One can explore the wide range of jobs within a career area.
b) One can lock into a career choice.
c) One can separate job descriptions by worksite.
d) One will be required to know the information to meet graduation requirements.

How will a speaker know the intended message has been received?
a) The receiver stops talking.
b) The receiver makes eye contact with the presenter.
c) The receiver asks detailed questions.
d) The receiver repeats messages to clarify understanding.

Obtaining workplace certifications available in high school will be positive in planning for a career future because:
a) certifications are only free while in high school.
b) taking the certification test does not give anything to students to take with them after high school.
c) it gives students an advantage when trying to find employment in a competitive workforce.
d) certifications give no real world experience.

A program that provides course credit through work experience in a specific career area is known as:
a) an internship.
b) part-time work.
c) job shadowing.
d) distance learning.

When answering multiple-choice questions, a student should:
a) read the answers before looking at the question.
b) eliminate correct answers.
c) read all of the choices before selecting the answer.
d) answer only the important questions.

The NCDPI career pathways include:
a) Arts, Audio Visual Technology, and Communications.
b) Public Service Technologies.
c) Veterinarian Technologies.
d) Drafting.

An example of a job from the business and administration career field is a/an:
a) childcare worker.
b) electrician.
c) reporter.
d) accountant.

Which is an example of a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO)?
a) Beta Club
b) Candy stripers
c) FFA
d) Golf team

The workplace of today must be dedicated to:
a) maintaining workers at the present level.
b) excellence in skills and personal qualities.
c) continuing to work as usual.
d) using management control of workers.

When a student completes an internship at a local daycare because he/she is interested in a career in teaching, which opportunity is he/she taking advantage of?
a) Dual enrollment opportunities
b) AP/IB courses
c) Work-based learning options
d) Extracurricular activities

The ability to relate prior knowledge to new learning experiences is which thinking skill?
a) Creativity
b) Decision-making
c) Problem-solving
d) Reasoning

To clarify any misunderstandings when listening to a speaker, a student would use which listening strategy?
a) Stop talking
b) Make eye contact with the presenter
c) Ask detailed questions
d) Repeat messages to clarify understanding

Anna has a part-time job after school. She wants to play soccer and needs to determine how to do both. Which thinking skill is she applying?
a) Creativity
b) Decision-making
c) Problem-solving
d) Reasoning

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