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What influence will self-knowledge have on a person’s life?
a) Knowing oneself is not important in making major life decisions.
b) Knowing oneself will better enable a person to make wise career and lifestyle decisions.
c) Knowing oneself will keep the person from making any mistakes.
d) Knowing oneself will help the person change values.

The results of an interest inventory reveal:
a) that the inventory is not reliable.
b) lifestyle preferences.
c) skills required for a job.
d) how interests match careers.

A positive self-concept is characterized by:
a) being happy at all times.
b) exercising self-discipline and self-control.
c) frequent periods of depression.
d) making good grades in school.

Those that learn best by pursuing interests through an individual pace have which learning preference?
a) Kinesthetic
b) Logical
c) Intrapersonal
d) Musical

Learning by doing experiments, working with numbers, and participating in problem-solving identifies which kind of learner?
a) Logical/Mathematical
b) Interpersonal
c) Naturalistic
d) Spatial

An aptitude test can show that a person:
a) has a good attitude.
b) values leisure time.
c) is skilled in the use of his/her hands.
d) likes to work with people.

A person who learns best by making categories, classifying, and working with patterns, and who also likes to do experiments has which dominant learning preference?
a) Body/Kinesthetic
b) Spatial
c) Musical
d) Logical/mathematical

Like to work with their hands with machines to build things, the do-ers. Ex: Civil engineers.
a) Conventional
b) Artistic
c) Enterprising
d) Social

Like to persuade influence others. Ex: Attorney
a) Conventional
b) Enterprising
c) Interpersonal
d) Intrapersonal

A skill not limited to a specific academic discipline, job, or task is useful in any career
a) Transferable Skill
b) Ability
c) Attitude
d) Value

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