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Lowest ranking people who farmed in the middle ages?
a) serfs
b) knights
c) peasants
d) vassals

Latin is the basis for which modern language?
a) French
b) Spanish
c) Italian
d) All of these

The Roman roads used this material which is why they are still around today.
a) Bronze
b) Gold
c) Tar
d) Concrete

Who was the first Emperor to accept Christianity?
a) Tiberius
b) Marcus Aurelius
c) Constantine
d) Caesar

What economic issue devalued the coins in Rome?
a) deflation
b) bear markets
c) trickle down economics
d) inflation

What did the gladiator games signify?
a) Roman power
b) good sportsmanship
c) decline of morals in Rome
d) value of slaves

What was the long time of peace in Rome called?
a) New Empire
b) Hagia Sofia
c) Pax Romana
d) Roman Power

What did Octavian change his name to when he took over Rome?
a) King
b) Augustus
c) Leonardo
d) Octavian the Great

Warriors who fought on horses?
a) fiefs
b) serfs
c) knights
d) vassals

High ranking members of society in charge of vassals, knights and serfs
a) lords
b) peasants
c) manors
d) fiefs

Social and political system in the middle ages
a) Feudalism
b) Manorialism
c) Fief
d) Vassal

Large estate of land given to a lord
a) Fief
b) Manor
c) Vassals
d) Feudalism

Another name for the Middle Ages
a) Manorialism
b) Feudalism
c) Medieval
d) Vassal

Nobles who served higher ranking lords
a) Vassals
b) Peasants
c) serfs
d) manor

Lower ranking people who lived on a manor and worked in the village
a) serfs
b) peasants
c) lords
d) knights

Land given to a vassal in exchange for military service
a) serf
b) fief
c) manor
d) vassal

Economic system of the Middle Ages
a) Manorialism
b) Feudalism
c) Vassal
d) Medieval

When the Roman Empire fell Europe entered what period
a) Neo Frankish Empire
b) Dark Ages
c) Roman Collapse
d) European Age

All are descriptions of life after the fall of Rome Except
a) no government control
b) no wide world view
c) no marriage
d) no industry

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