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Percent Proportion Problems - Consumer Math. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

While shopping at a store, Billy found a $900 television that was on sale at a discount rate of 30%. What is the amount of discount?
a) $270
b) $630
c) $870
d) $1170

If a pole 9 feet tall casts a shadow of 3 feet, how long of a shadow would a 6 foot man cast?
a) 1 ft
b) 1.5 ft
c) 2 ft
d) 2.5 ft

Don buys a car for $22,500. Don gets a loan for 5 years with an interest rate of 3% per year. How much total interest will Don pay over the five years?
a) $675
b) $3,375
c) $19,125
d) $25,875

A food company reduced the amount of salt in one of their food products from 700 milligrams to 630 milligrams. What is the percent decrease in the amount of salt in this food product?
a) 10%
b) 12%
c) 70%
d) 90%

Jane bought a new sweater. It was priced at $32.00 and there was a 25% discount. Jane gave the cashier $40. What was her change?
a) $32
b) $24
c) $8
d) $16

mil bought a camera for $268.26, including tax. He made a down payment of $12.00 and paid the balance in 6 equal monthly payments. What was Emil’s monthly payment for this camera?
a) $42.71
b) $44.71
c) $46.71
d) $56.71

Susan’s checkbook had a balance of $22.05 on April 1. On April 5, she wrote a check for $106.30 to the auto repair shop. On April 7, she wrote a check in the amount of $310.00 for rent. On April 9, her dad sent her $95.00 to deposit into her account.
a) $-394.25
b) $-489.25
c) $-299.25
d) $299.25

A librarian knows that 45% of the books currently checked out will NOT be returned on the due date. The library has a total of 5,040 books. How many of the library’s books will be returned on the due date?
a) 2268
b) 2772

Xavier saved money to purchase a bike that originally cost $250, not including tax. The store discounted the bike by 20%. What is the discounted price he will pay for the bike, not including tax?
a) $200
b) $230
c) $270
d) $280

At a water park, $8 buys 15 tickets. Sue is going to spend $96 on tickets. How many tickets will her $96 buy?
a) 12
b) 18
c) 120
d) 180

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