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Scipio defeated the Carthaginian elephants at the Battle of Zama lead by who?
a) Scipio
b) Hannibal
c) Attila
d) Caesar

Caesar was betrayed by this man who forced him into battle at the Rubicon
a) Octavian
b) Cicero
c) Pompey
d) Antony

Roman general during the second Punic War
a) Scipio
b) Hannibal
c) Hamilcar
d) Caesar

Who fought with Rome in the Punic Wars
a) Celts
b) Goths
c) Carthage
d) Egyptians

When there was an emergency who took over Rome?
a) Consul
b) Patricians
c) Dicator
d) Tribune

When Romans overthrew their Etruscan king they set up what type of government?
a) Caesar
b) Dictatorship
c) Republic
d) Communist State

This group of people were usually farmers, merchants, workers and artisans
a) Patricians
b) Consuls
c) Plebeians
d) Latins

Romans used this group the base their philosophy and religion
a) Latins
b) Etruscans
c) Greeks
d) Egyptians

Which is in correct chronological order?
a) 998 A.D, 843 AD, 234 AD, 45 AD
b) 34 AD, 77 AD, 93 BC, 345 AD
c) 34 AD, 66 AD, 345 AD, 746 AD
d) 45 AD, 99 AD, 55 AD, 100 AD

These people study fossils and artifacts to understand the past.
a) Anthropologists
b) Historians
c) Archeologist
d) Astronomer

An empire that lasted from 108 BC to 20 AD lasted how long?
a) 88 years
b) 93 years
c) 128 years
d) 28 years

People who study and write about humans in the past are called
a) anthropologists
b) historians
c) nomads
d) astronomers

Scribes and Artisans are and example of what trait of civilization?
a) advanced cities
b) complex institutions
c) specialized workers
d) advanced technology

Italy, France, Spain, England are in what continent?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) North America

Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, China, India are all in what continent?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) North America

A.D. means?
a) After Death
b) Anno Domini
c) Another Date
d) Always Dead

B.C. means?
a) British Cambodia
b) Big Clock
c) Before Christ
d) Before Christianity

What sea separated Europe from Africa
a) Red
b) Mediterranean
c) North
d) Ural

This diseases killed more Native Americans than the Spanish military?
a) Flu
b) Cancer
c) Mumps
d) Smallpox

Who was killed on the Ides of March (march 15th)
a) Pompey
b) Caesar
c) Alexander the Great
d) Antony

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