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Famous King that was a part of the 3rd Crusade?
a) King John (softsword)
b) King Richard (the lion hearted)
c) Charlemagne
d) William the Conqueror

Why did people of Europe launch the fourth crusade?
a) wanted more land
b) they were bored
c) they needed money and stole things
d) wanted to take over Jerusalem

Who could gain wealth and land in the Middle East during the Crusades?
a) Knights
b) Lords
c) Peasants
d) both knights and lords

The majority of people in the 1st Crusade were
a) Knights
b) Peasants
c) Lords
d) Pope

Who called for the first crusade?
a) Pope Urban II
b) King of Germany
c) William the Conqueror
d) Christians in Jerusalem

Who was killed by being shot in the eye during the Battle of Hastings?
a) Harold Hardrada
b) Harold Godwinson
c) Harold the Harefoot
d) William

How much land did Harold Godwinson promise to Harold Hardrada?
a) Wessex
b) Northern territory
c) 1/4 of the land
d) enough to be buried in

What family controlled and owned Wessex
a) Hardrada
b) Godwin
c) Norman
d) Canute

Who wanted Harold Godwinson to be king?
a) the Witan
b) the Normans
c) the Military Council
d) the Parliament

Which of these men did NOT claim the throne of England after the death of Edward?
a) Harold Hadrada
b) Harold Godwinson
c) Henry I
d) William of Normandy

A masterpiece was required to become a knight?
a) True
b) False

Young boys became an apprentice to a journeyman to learn a trade
a) True
b) False

Which prince ruled while his brother was fighting in the Crusades?
a) William
b) John
c) Richard
d) Charlemagane

What was John forced to sign by the nobles?
a) Magna Carta
b) Constitution
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Peace treaty

The Black Death started in
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Africa
d) America

How many people died due to the Black Death?
a) 400
b) 4000
c) 400000
d) 40 Million

Which event ended the Age of Chivalry?
a) Great Schism
b) Hundred Years War
c) Siege of Orleans
d) Black Death

This idea led to the decline of the idea of Europe as Christendom
a) Feudalism
b) Manorialism
c) Nationalism
d) Legalism

This culture in Mexico sacrificed over 20000 people each year
a) Aztec
b) Maya
c) Inca
d) Anasazi

This culture in South America used Llamas and built suspension bridges
a) Aztec
b) Maya
c) Inca
d) Anasazi

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