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Why are the seas and rivers of Europe important?
a) Invading other land
b) Trade
c) Combining kingdoms
d) Religious conversions

Who spread Christianity to the most rural areas in Europe?
a) Monks
b) Nuns
c) Pope
d) Friars

Germanic people that settled in France
a) Angles
b) Saxons
c) Franks
d) Celts

What did Clovis do to win the support of the Romans in his empire?
a) He conerted to Christianity
b) He offered them land
c) He allowed them to keep their traditions
d) He defeated their enemy

Charlemagne believed in what for all his people?
a) Education
b) Equality
c) Freedom
d) Religion

All of the following contributed to the rise of Charlemagne Except.
a) Gave manors to loyal followers
b) Prevented Muslims from expanding to Europe
c) Brutally put down revolts
d) Converted people to Christianity by force

What happened to the Frankish empire after Charlemagnes death?
a) Divided into 3 parts
b) Invaders turned away from Empire
c) His grandsons grew the Empire
d) All of these

Who is the head of the Catholic Church?
a) Bishop
b) Pope
c) King
d) Minster

Which group of people did the Catholic church persecute
a) Muslims
b) Jews
c) Serfs
d) Both Jews and Muslims

Structures built by the church in the countryside for education, religion, and help are called?
a) Cathedrals
b) Monasteries
c) Mosques
d) Temples

What architectural structure helps the cathedral walls stand? (outside of building)
a) flying buttress
b) stain glass windows
c) bricks
d) pointed arch

What is the style name for the cathedrals?
a) Romanesque
b) Italian
c) Persian
d) Gothic

First stage of Knighthood
a) Knight
b) Squire
c) Page
d) Apprentice

The red cape in the knighting ceremony means what?
a) danger
b) blood
c) death
d) fire

Second stage of Knighthood?
a) Knight
b) Page
c) Squire
d) Apprentice

Tournament game that knights used to practice skills for battle
a) war
b) joust
c) round
d) match

Main occupation of the knight?
a) teacher
b) poet
c) warrior
d) farmer

With the collar the farmer could use oxen to plow his field?
a) True
b) False

With the 3 field system food production went down?
a) True
b) False

Guilds where groups of farmers
a) True
b) False

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