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My brother builds things with wood.
a) brother builds
b) My brother builds
c) brother builds things
d) things with wood

Last weekend, he made a cool bird feeder.
a) he made
b) last weekend
c) bird feeder
d) made bird feeder

It looks something like a tray.
a) It looks
b) It looks like
c) something like
d) like a tray

Birds of all kinds are visiting it now.
a) Birds are visiting
b) kinds are visiting
c) visiting now
d) birds are

My projects often fail miserably.
a) projects fail
b) My projects fail
c) fail miserably
d) projects often fail

The hammer is not my friend.
a) hammer is
b) The hammer is
c) not my friend
d) hammer is not

Once I hit my thumb with the hammer.
a) I hit
b) I hit my thumb
c) thumb with hammer
d) Once I

The clock is hanging on the wall in my bedroom.
a) clock is hanging
b) on the wall
c) in my bedroom
d) The clock is hanging

The proud creator admires it every day.
a) creator admires
b) proud creator admires
c) admires it
d) it every day

That birdhouse on the shelf is mine.
a) birdhouse is
b) That birdhouse is
c) shelf is mine
d) the shelf is

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