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Define term sublimation
a) Process where a solid state changes
b) Process where solid state changes directly to gas state without going through a liquid state
c) Changing process
d) Neither

Rocks make soil through the process called
a) Weathering
b) whetering
c) Earhring
d) Neither

Name 2 processes that occur in rocks caused by high and low tempreatures
a) expansion
b) contraction
c) all
d) Neither

What happens to the particles making up the rocks service when the sun is shining
a) Temperature increases
b) Kinetic energy increases
c) Particles move faster and further apart
d) All

What is a chemical compound
a) A substance made of different elements
b) A substance made up of more than one different element chemically joined to each other
c) Neither
d) A compound

Name the products formed in a chemical reaction
a) mercury
b) oxygen
c) both
d) Neither

a) Impure substance
b) Pure subtance
c) Combination
d) Neither

a) Elements
b) Pure substance
c) Mixture
d) Neither

a) The different elements are chemically joined together
b) Bind together
c) Seperated
d) Neither

a) Bind together
b) mixture
c) The different elements are not chemically joined together
d) neither

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